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Централен депозитар 2016 - 2022.
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Frequently asked questions

1. What is EPOS? EPOS is Central Depository's platform for General meetings (GM) organization by electronic means. It is a modern software product targeted to all GM participants. It provides the opportunity for: - Issuers to organize reliable and fully automated GM in line with the Market standards for Corporate Actions developed by the Corporate Actions Joint Working Group. - Shareholders/bondholders to exercise their voting rights in a preferred way (item 6). 2. Why EPOS? Issuers, brokers, end-investors and proxies (users) have the opportunity to manage and participate in the overall process of organization and conduction of the GM. 3. Available services: - Organization of GM with option for electronic pre-voting and/or online participation. Available EPOS language versions: Bulgarian and English (oriented mainly towards the foreign investors); - Using the electronic signature advantages; - Automated data transfer of information from the company to the end- investor and vice versa; - Singe entry point access to all GM operations/services; - Instant notification of Meeting announcement, Agenda items and all relevant documents to users; - Electronic access to all GM documents, including proxy appointment; - Options to pre-vote, with opportunity for subsequent change or cancellation; - Option for different type of voting: distribution of votes between "For" and "Against" (option for custodians); - Electronic access to shareholders's list (download); - Electronic submission of opinions and comments during GM; - Automatic calculation of quorum and voting results, regardless of the chosen participation manner; - Live video-streaming and recording on demand of GM; - Obtaining protocols, decisions and reports immediately after the GM completion (Protocol template with the basic requisites); - Electronic guide documents and manuals. 4. User identification? User identification is carried out by Personal Authentication Certificate (PAC). The use of PAC guarantees maximum protection of personal data. 5. How to obtaint PAC? A list of certifed service providers is published on the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) website: The necessary documents for PAC issuing can be found on the web sites of these providers. In case if the PAC is issued abroad, please refer the relevant enquiry to following e-mail: 6. Types of GM shareholders'/bondholders participation. The EPOS allows following opportunities for shareholders/bondholders to participate in the GM: - Pre-vote (by recording the vote before the start of the GM): -personaly; -by proxy (see p.7). - Online (from distance, during the GM): - personaly; - by proxy (see p.7). - Physical participation: - personaly; - by proxy (see p.7). 7. Participation by proxy. At the discretion of the shareholder/bondholder, the right to participate and/or vote may be delegated to a proxy (see "User Guide", p. 8. How to appoint a proxy? In order to appoint a proxy, the shareholder/bondholder shall enter personal proxy ID (as per Bulgarian legislation, i.e. proxy should have Bulgarian ID (ЕГН), shown in User's Guide, pic. 15. The proxy should have a PAC for individuals. 9. Can the proxy be instructed for voting/how to vote? In case the shareholder/bondholder decides to participate in the GM by a proxy, the voting manner should also be indicated: "Vote at the proxy discretion" or "Vote at the shareholder discretion". When choosing the second option, the vote practically is done by the shareholder/bondholder - the agenda is displayed ready for voting. The fact that the vote has been exercised by a proxy is included in GM Protocol. 10. Is it possible for a shareholder/bondholder to participate physically in the GM in the case of exercised pre-vote or appointed proxy? In such case, GM physical participation is possible only after the cancelation (deletion) of the exercised prevote or respectively given electronic Power of Attorney until the start of registration for GM online participation. If the shareholder/bondholder decides to exercise the voting right by proxy at the time of GM, the proxy must present to the company a Power of Attorney prepared in accordance with the respective requirements (published on the company's website). 11. Is it possible for a shareholder/bondholder to participate online in the GM in the case of exercised pre-vote? In case of shareholder's/bondholder's registration for GM online participation within the time specified by the issuer, he/she may confirm or change the exercised prevote (for particular item or for entire agenda) during the respective voting time. Upon expiration of the registration time for online participation, the shareholder/bondholder may only monitor the GM without being able to vote. 12. Registration time for GM online participation The registration time for online participation (Start of registration/End of registration) is part of Meeting announcement requisites that the company enters into EPOS and that is visible for the users along with the rest of the information in the table for the upcoming GM. 13. Users' information on the GM results. Access to information concerning the GM results depends on the chosen participation manner.If the user participates in GM with a prevote - results are included in the GM Protocol. If the participation is online, the results are visible on the screen, right after the completion of voting time for a given agenda item, and for the physical attendees on the spot (in the hall). 14. Access to Live video-streaming. The Live video-streaming service is optional (on demand) - upon Issuer request and is not included in the EPOS basic price. 15. Supporting documentation All guide documents and manuals are available in the EPOS main menu in the public section, distributed in the relevant submenus.